Mobile Crusher For Limestone Dolomite

Mobile Crusher For Limestone Dolomite

Small Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher

 Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher, used for special equipment for stone crushing and processing in sandstone, building materials, construction, highways, etc., what we see is generally “big chunks”, presumably the price will not be cheap, and there is still “ Lightweight, excellent price & rdquo; said? Of course, small Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crushers are one of them. The device is small, easy to install, more flexible, energy efficient, and low in price, making it a better choice for lightweight, cost-effective Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crushers.

First, light and small Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher waiting for you to learn

The small Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher is a small-sized Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher, which is more suitable for first-time or small-scale suppliers to purchase and use. When purchasing, fully combine its parameters:

1, the size of the length & times; width & times; height is 720x660x850mm, the footprint is small, pay attention to the size of the equipment during installation, leaving plenty of space;

2, the official size of the feed port 150x250mm, the allowable feed particle size must be <125mm, which requires the diameter of the input stone (slag, etc.) must be less than 125mm;

3. The adjustment range of the discharge opening is set to 10-40mm, and the size of the discharge granularity can be freely adjusted within this range;

4. The eccentric shaft speed is customized to 250r/min, the standard motor power is 4P 5.5Kw, and the processing capacity of different stones per hour is in the range of 1t-3t;

5, the standard machine weight is 0.8t, the body design is lighter, and the installation and use are more convenient and flexible.

Second, the price of small Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher you choose?

The small Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher’s “beloved” is not only limited to light weight, but also because of the preferential price of the equipment. Because the type of equipment is historically long, it has experienced nearly a hundred years of technology precipitation and has more sophisticated production. The concept can ensure the structure and performance of the equipment is superior, and at the same time ensure the economical price; in addition, the equipment itself is small, the price is usually kept within 100,000 yuan, basically in the scope of most users. Within, and the equipment capital recovery cycle is short, the cost can be recovered within two months, so the purchase will be even stronger.

Seeing the “big head” Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher, you want to choose a lightweight device, then you may wish to choose a small Limestone Dolomite Mobile Crusher, but only if your production requirements are in the range of 1-3t / h, The equipment is small in size, small in area, low in investment, scientific in structure of flywheel, more durable, longevity, low failure rate, more environmentally friendly design, and more reduction of production noise, dust pollution, etc. Ideal for the machine, welcome friends who are interested to consult online at any time.

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