German Manufacturing Company Supply Feldspar Crusher

German Manufacturing Company Supply Feldspar Crusher

How to achieve insurance and mine discharge adjustment

When the Feldspar Crusher enters the unbreakable material in the crushing chamber, in addition to transmitting power to make the moving slab swing back and forth, it also has a safety insurance function, and changing its length can also play the role of adjusting the discharge port.

When the Feldspar Crusher enters the unbreakable material (such as iron balls, iron blocks, etc.) in the crushing chamber, the back thrust plate is used as the fuser safety component to protect the main components of the equipment from damage. The back thrust plate is generally cast into a whole with cast iron, and a groove or a plurality of small holes are opened in the middle portion to reduce the sectional strength thereof; or two pieces can be cast, and then connected by screws (or rivets) to form a combined thrust plate. When the unbreakable material enters the crushing chamber, the equipment is overloaded, and the huge crushing force is transmitted to the thrust plate, causing the thrust plate to be broken or the screw of the combined thrust plate to be cut, and the Feldspar Crusher stops working and plays an insurance role.

As the tooth plate continues to wear, the discharge port becomes larger and the product becomes thicker. In order to obtain a qualified product size, the size of the discharge port needs to be adjusted periodically. There are two main methods for adjusting the discharge port:

1. The gasket is adjusted, that is, a set of gaskets is placed between the backrest of the rear thrust plate and the rear wall of the frame, and the number of the gaskets is increased or decreased, and the purpose of adjusting the discharge port can be achieved. The method is compact in structure and reliable in regulation, and the large and medium-sized Feldspar Crusher often uses this adjustment method.

2, wedge adjustment, is used to adjust the two wedges between the rear seat of the thrust plate and the frame, suitable for small crushers.

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